Business Sector Media Awards Program Renamed To EL Awards And EMT Awards

Nominations open in September 2018 and recognize pioneers in the energy, environmental and sustainability industry

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Sept. 4, 2018 — Business Sector Media today announced that its seventh annual Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today recognition awards programs have been renamed to EL Awards and EMT Awards, respectively.

Formerly known as Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards and Energy Manager Today Product & Project Awards, the new names support an initiative to provide recipients with a more concise and prominent recognition.

“We made this renaming decision in order to bring our programs into consistency with our mission to focus on brevity and to better integrate the brand names with their market ‘stand-alone’ power, said Jennifer Hermes, Content Director of Business Sector Media. “The annual awards programs recognize the year’s most innovative and successful products, projects and companies in the energy, environmental and sustainability industry. We continuously strive to offer non-biased programs that align with our inventive and evolving industry.”

Nominations will open in September 2018 and the deadline for entries is tentatively scheduled for early 2019. Judged by an independent panel of unbiased industry experts, winners are selected based on the success of their project, product or by its impact on the industry.

Winners will be announced at the fourth annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON), to take place May 13-15, 2019, at the Marriott Denver Tech Center.

More information about Energy Manager Today is available at
More information about Environmental Leader is available at

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To learn more about the awards programs, please contact

Jacey Whittemore, Program Manager
Phone: (617) 270-5555

3rd Annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference Announced

FORT COLLINS, Colo.Nov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fort-Collins, Colorado-based Business Sector Media today announced its third annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON), to take place May 15-17, 2018, at the Marriott Denver Tech Center.

Unique in its field, the conference features case studies that help attendees come to grips with the ever-increasing interaction among energy, sustainability, and environmental professionals solving corporate problems.

The majority of attendees comprise environmental, energy and sustainability executives from Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government agencies.

“ELEMCOM continues to be an eye opener in our business,” says Paul Nastu, president of conference producer Business Sector Media. “Where other events focus on aspirations and ‘what ifs,’ ours offers practitioners many hours of keynotes, workshops and sessions designed to provide insights into what’s working now in the real world.

“Participants will learn how large organizations are meeting the challenges today of complying with environmental regulations, reaching enterprise-wide sustainability goals, and reaching energy management targets. Where else can you find an opportunity to meet and learn from others facing those tough challenges?”

Conference topics will include big data analysis; public-private collaborations; ESG investing; sustainability and energy initiatives’ ROI; greenhouse gas management roadmapping; opportunities provided by new renewable energy sources; restorative and regenerative practices; emerging issues in compliance; emerging supply chain issues; the business case in approaching public-sector RFPs; the impact of shifting international trade policies; net zero strategies for water and energy; updates on circular economy strategies; materiality assessments and metrics; innovations in energy procurement; trends in distributed energy; leadership style and employee engagement; implications of emerging transportation models; and more.

Registration opens November 28.

More information is available at

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Fort Collins, Colorado-based Business Sector Media delivers industry-specific, business-to business news, research, insights, and information to decision-makers around the world.

Business Sector Media LLC Launches Environment and Energy Leaders Institute

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Oct. 10, 2017 — Fort Collins, Colorado-based Business Sector Media LLC (BSM) today announced the formation of the Environment and Energy Leaders Institute (EELI).  The Institute will serve as an important cornerstone in BSM’s diverse portfolio of nationally-recognized research, conference, news and information providers.

Unique in its field, EELI will focus on providing thought leadership, best practices and peer learning to commercial and industrial (C&I) decision-makers who are responsible for environmental management, sustainability, EHS, energy, cost savings, business value, process improvement, increased productivity and waste reduction.

EELI is now the convening arm of BSM’s Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON), and is developing the conference’s workshops and agenda with a focus on networking and sharing best practices.

EELI now manages the annual professional honors that Environmental Leader (EL) and Energy Manager Today (EMT) award to honor leading practitioners in C&I environmental, energy and sustainability management.

EELI now develops the best practices, data products and Webinars that EL and EMT readers have come to expect and depend on from the publications.

“Over the past decade, EL and EMT have earned reputations as the most-useful-and-objective online platforms for C&I practitioners in the environment, energy and sustainability spaces,” says Paul Nastu, president and founder of BSM. “As we have now expanded into face-to-face events, EELI ensures that the best practices and thought leadership we provide across all of our platforms has a singular, consistent focus on pointing our audience towards ready-to-go solutions and best practices that are tangible, replicable, measurable and transferable”.

Mr. Nastu observed, “We have the timeliest topics covered in our best practices and events and an impressive list of organizations currently implementing sustainability and energy management strategies and solutions, led by our online and conference advisory boards, that we turn to for insider knowledge.”

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Let’s Talk B2B Conferences. Face-to-Face.

Couples don’t get married by Skype. “Date night” doesn’t happen by text. The long weekend with the “college bros” isn’t by video chat. The trip to the big new roller coaster with the kids isn’t by VR. It’s up close and personal. And if you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend by email? So uncool. So very uncool.

Is the business environment any different? No, it’s not. A personal relationship, at a face-to-face depth, is irreplaceable. Conferences, events and end-user gatherings are gaining steam, even in this age of the digital interface.  In the geo-political environment world leaders meet face to face all the time. In one of the busiest and frantic environments there is, with a lot more at stake, there they are, at the G-10 Summit, for example.

In the C&I environmental and energy management space, regular face-to-face meetings remain a key part of a marketing mix. And if your planned mix of digital, promotional, lead-gen, thought leadership, sales T/E and custom content promotion and distribution are in place – great.  However your marketing mix isn’t complete without a healthy dose of event presence.

Thought leadership is a term thrown around a lot lately, and in this age of custom content being King, there is no better place to promote leadership than live and in-person. Marketing around conferences can take many shapes, and, what may be unknown, or at least under-appreciated, is that event producers will often customize sponsorships for you as a vendor. There are variables per organizer, but here’s a few tips to consider. Let’s call it “Tim’s Top Five.”

  1. Forget about size of the conference. The decision maker tree at any organization you’re trying to sell is a true pyramid. The CEO is at the top. For every 100-person company there is only one CEO to sell to. Maybe five total contract signees overall. This is still a small industry. What’s much more important is the average title and company of the attendee. So throw the concept of “bigger is better” out the window.
  2. Look for on-stage opportunities. The more elite conferences put the brakes on extensive speaking opportunities by vendors to avoid “sales pitches.” Blunt “pitch presentations” keep attendees from returning. But higher-end sponsorships will often include a moderator opportunity, an introduction opportunity, case study or lightning talks, thank-you remarks or other thought leadership speaking slots. They are few-and-far-between, and often brief, but you can get your message across. And if you can secure one, don’t be a “hammer.” Be a hand-holder. A presentation involving a simple challenge/solution approach is smart. And closing with “I’d love to speak with you more, so just find me during the event” is a nice, subtle way to get the “imprint” on the attendee.
  3. Grab your exhibit space or sponsorship early. While attendee quality is King, exhibit-hour traffic is Queen. The earlier to reserve your space, the better your floor position, and the better your traffic…and you may often enjoy a discount! Also, sponsorships often include booth space, which is a “baked in” discount, and usually a big one. Often you’ll also get your choice of location.
  4. Just like real estate: location, location, location. A destination-city is always a good move for larger events. Las Vegas, for example, can deplete an audience but the size of the event makes up for it. Exhibitors don’t notice. A smaller mid-size city in a state that is environmentally and energy-conscious are the places to consider first as they’ll also include local traffic. Colorado, California, the Northwest…look for conferences in these areas. And near an airline hub? Even better.
  5. Look for events run by trade publications or associations. These types of organizations have built-in marketing capability to qualified lists. Other companies that simply producte conferences have a harder time drilling down into niche events and finding the right lists to promote.

So there you go. Follow these rules, and your events moving forward will be more powerful. I’d also recommend you listen to Ian Altman’s podcast about events:  “Growing Your Revenues Through Conferences and Trade Shows” – he provides even more detail and rationale for a healthy conference presence.

Good luck as you plan your 2018 event schedule!


Tim Hermes is the Publisher of Business Sector Media’s flagship brands, Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today. He’s a highly-regarded award-winning b2b publisher who specializes in marketing and promotion expertise for vertically-niched companies and is a regular speaker in the publishing industry on implementing awards, video, events, digital display positioning, and custom content. As Publisher, he runs the operations of both brands including editorial, circulation, marketing, sales, special programs, and webcasts. He can be reached at or by phone at 703-200-1474

Business Sector Media Brings Environmental Leaders to Denver to Discuss Future Environmental, Sustainability and Energy Challenges

Leaders plan to keep moving forward with their initiatives

DENVER, CO, March 15, 2017  –Business Sector Media, publisher of the Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today, announced that it will bring its annual Environmental Leader Conference back to Denver, June 5-7, 2017. With a focus on what effect executive orders from the White House and rules from new administrations at the EPA and DOE will have on sustainability, environmental and energy programs, the conference will highlight what major companies are doing to minimize threats to their initiatives.

The Environmental Leader Conference 2017, featuring the Energy Manager Summit, offers a unique opportunity for environmental, sustainability and energy professionals to come together to identify new areas of opportunity to work more collaboratively in addressing their organizations goals. Unlike other conferences, this program unites a group of multidisciplinary, forward-thinking executives to share diverse perspectives and approaches to improving processes and better managing resources.

“Attendees will leave the conference with an understanding of the turbulent internal landscape environmental, energy, sustainability and compliance programs will face over the next 12-18 months and steps that can be taken to help weather the storm and even thrive through uncertain times” said Paul Nastu, Founder and President, Business Sector Media, LLC. “We have an impressive list of speakers from organizations willing to share how they solved their environmental and energy challenges.”

Environmental Leader Conference 2017 speakers include:

  • Bob Valair, Director, energy and environmental management, Staples
  • Joby Carlson, Director, energy and operations sustainability, Walmart
  • Steven Avadek, Director and Global Head of Sustainability, Citi Realty Services
  • Fawn Bergen, Corporate Sustainability Group – Water and Carbon Footprint Program Manager, Intel
  • Amy Braun, Sustainability Director, Kellogg
  • Cheri Chastain, Sustainability Manager, Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • James DeMouy, Vice President of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability, Bridgestone Americas
  • Bill Gill, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Smithfield Foods
  • Dennis Hu, Director Environmental Health and Safety and Systems Safety Engineering, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp
  • Sarah Levine, Manager, Global Sustainability, Mattel
  • Ryan McMullan, Environmental & Safety Manager, Toyota Motor Sales
  • Craig Moeller, Director, Advanced Energy Generation, Lockheed Martin
  • Matthew J. Pekar, Energy Conservation Specialist, United Technologies
  • Jonathan S. Radtke, Water Sustainability Program Director, Coca-Cola North America
  • Rob Threlkeld, Global Manager, Renewable Energy, General Motors
  • Marco Ugarte, Sustainability Manager, MillerCoors

The Environmental Leader Conference 2017 will culminate with the presentation of the sixth annual Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards and the Energy Manager Today Awards. These awards recognize excellence in products/services and projects that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits.

To register or find the latest agenda for the Environmental Leader Conference, visit and connect with the Environmental Leader Conference on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Business Sector Media, LLC: Business Sector Media LLC delivers industry-specific business-to business news, research, insights and information to decision-makers worldwide. Our leading websites, newsletters and myriad of programs have become top sources that business executives visit every day to receive timely, trusted and objective business-to-business information.

Environmental Leader 50 and Energy Manager Today 50 Honorees to be Celebrated at Environmental Leader Conference and Energy Manager Summit June 5-7 in Denver

Denver, Colorado, February 6, 2017 –  Business Sector Media is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Environmental Leader 50. The honorees will be recognized during a celebratory networking reception on June 6 during the Environmental Leader Conference and Energy Manager Summit at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center.

The Environmental Leader 50 includes recognition-worthy commercial and industrial Environmental, EHS and Sustainability Vice Presidents, Directors, managers and specialists.

Honorees include: Kisa Adkins, Environmental and Compliance Senior Program Manager, Newell Brands; James DeMouy, Vice President EHS and Sustainability, Bridgestone; Dennis Hu, EHS and SSE Director, Ball Aerospace; Doug Pontsler, EHS and Operations Sustainability Vice President, Owens Corning; and Frank Rukavina, Sustainability Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

View the complete list of Environmental Leader 50 Honorees.

The Energy Manager Today 50 includes recognition-worthy commercial and industrial Energy, Procurement Engineering and Facility Vice Presidents, Directors, managers and specialists.

Honorees include: Eric Dominguez, Utilities, Engineering & Environmental Affairs Corporate Director, Caesars Entertainment Corporation; Frank Inoa, Operations Engineering Senior Director, Arby’s Restaurant Group; Craig Moeller, Bio Energy Program Director, Lockheed Martin; Rob Threlkeld, Renewable Energy Global Manager, General Motors; and George Waidelich, Energy Operations Director, Albertsons Companies.

View the complete list of Energy Manager Today 50 Honorees.

Admittance to the EL50 and EMT50 Celebratory Networking Reception is included in the Conferences Attendee and All-Access Pass registration options. Individual tickets to the Celebratory Networking Reception and Product and Project Awards Dinner are also available.

The Environmental Leader Conference and Energy Manager Summit feature case studies, strategies and tactics to help commercial and industrial companies improve operations and stay current on the latest environmental, EHS, sustainability and energy management advances while also covering future challenges.

For questions about attending the conference, sponsoring or exhibiting, please visit

About Business Sector Media LLC delivers industry-specific business-to business news, research, insights and information to decision-makers around the world via and

Energy Manager Today Announces 2016 Product & Project Award Winners

Denver, Colorado, February 6, 2017 – Business Sector Media, LLC, Energy Manager Today has announced the winners of the Energy Manager Today Awards. Energy Manager Today has published a special report announcing winners and including a description of the winning entry. Judges are also featured in the report. Additionally, Energy Manager Today has published a Hall of Fame featuring winners and judges.

Product of the Year Award winners are the top products that are making a difference in the energy management industry. Project of the Year Award winners are successful and inspirational projects that companies have implemented to reap significant improvements in energy management. These are the products and projects the judges think energy managers need to know about in order to help them make decisions as they move forward with their initiatives.

Product of the Year Award winning companies:

  • Bractlet
  • Enernoc, Inc.
  • ERA Environmental Management Solutions
  • Green Charge
  • GridPoint
  • Lucid
  • REstore
  • Schneider Electric
  • THG Energy Solutions
  • Transformative Wave
  • Urjanet
  • Zen Ecosystems

Project of the Year Award winning companies:

  • ALDI
  • AMD
  • Baltimore Gas Electric
  • Bueno
  • L’Oreal USA
  • Tractor Supply

And a special thanks goes out to the Energy Manager Today Awards judges:

  • Paul Blagbrough, head of environmental stewardship, MUFG Americas
  • Jody East, chief plant engineer, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
  • Ellen Edwards, energy manager, University of Colorado
  • Justin Grau, principal engineer, supply chain engineering, Vincit Group
  • George Holcombe, senior manager, environmental sustainability office, Capital One
  • Paul Leavoy, energy management and EHS consultant
  • Luke Leung, director of the sustainability engineering studio company, Skidmore woings and Merrill LLP
  • Josh Prigge, associate director of regenerative development, Fetzer Vineyards
  • Kevin Sok, manager of engineering & sustainability, Cox Enterprises, Inc.
  • Rob Threlkeld, global manager of renewable energy, General Motors

Environmental Leader Conference 2016 Announced

Business Sector Media, LLC, Announces The Environmental Leader 2016 Conference, with a Mission to Educate Sustainability and Energy Management Professionals with Ready-To-Go Solutions to Improve Organizational Sustainability Programs and Performance

June 21-23, 2016, Denver, Colorado, Attend The Environmental Leader Conference and Exclusive Presentation of the Winners of the Annual Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards

Denver, Colorado, March 1, 2016 – Business Sector Media, LLC, Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today, whose websites, newsletters, reports and webinars have kept executives informed on environmental, sustainability and energy management trends,
tools, insights and metrics for 10 years, brings you the Environmental Leader 2016 Conference, June 21-23, 2016, Denver, Colorado.

Sourcing the knowledge, experience and content from more than 300 worldwide contributors from every industry, Business Sector Media is excited to offer readers this face-to-face opportunity, which includes unrivalled interactive networking opportunities.

The Environmental Leader Conference 2016 is for executives who are responsible for environmental management, sustainability, EHS, energy, cost savings, business value, process improvement, increased productivity and reducing waste.

Paul Nastu, Founder and CEO, Business Sector Media, LLC, said “Attendees will take away ready-to-go solutions that are tangible, replicable, measurable and transferable across multiple industry sectors. We have the timeliest topics covered in the sessions and an impressive list of speakers from organizations currently implementing sustainability and energy management strategies and solutions.”

Environmental Leader 2016 Conference Presenter Titles and Organizations include:

  • Executive Director of Global Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, GM
  • Director Environmental, Health and Safety and System Safety Engineering, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation
  • Director, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, Kaiser Permanente
  • Director of Environmental Services, Denver International Airport
  • Director, EHS&S, Xerox Corporation
  • Director Environmental Sustainability & External Engagement, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Managing Director, Sustainability, American Electric Power
  • VP of Continuous Improvement, Kaiser Aluminum
  • Vice President, Senior Scientist, Staples, Inc.
  • Director of Regenerative Development, Fetzer Vineyards
  • Post Doc Research/Supply Chain Leader, Royal Institute of Technology/Miller Coors
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of the Mayor / City and County of Denver
  • Vice President, Sustainability, Xanterra Parks & Resorts®

Visit to see the full agenda, speakers, presentations, sponsors and partners. Early Bird registration pricing ends March 15.

Energy Manager Today Launches Awards Program

Business Sector Media has launched the Energy Manager Today Awards, an awards program for companies successfully working in the field of energy management. The awards program recognizes and honors the strides made in energy management, from companies involved in everything from developing and implementing energy strategies to recommending and buying energy-related equipment to monitoring and improving energy-use metrics to facility design and construction, and beyond. Companies are invited to enter original and successful products and projects that achieved high standards in terms of their contribution to reductions in energy consumption and energy costs.

The awards are designed to celebrate achievements in energy management efforts that show innovation, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to the bottom line from companies that are making the biggest difference in the field; winners will be showcased in October in a special report published by Energy Manager Today, in an Awards section on the Energy Manager Today website, in Energy Manager Today’s daily newsletter, and via social media and other forms of media outreach.

The report touting the winners will help readers of Energy Manager Today – those responsible for procuring and managing energy – make smart decisions about what products to purchase or what sorts of initiatives to implement in coming months. Winners of an Energy Manager Today Product or Project of the Year Award reach tens of thousands of potential customers via the awards outreach to EMT readers. Winners also gain:

  • National recognition and validation from industry experts on a product or project’s strengths, with feedback from the judges;
  • Quotes on a product or project’s success from expert judges to use in press releases and marketing materials;
  • Use of the Energy Manager Today Top Product/Project of the Year badge, which can be displayed on product packaging, websites, trade show displays and posters, and in other marketing materials. ​

Judges are experts working in the field of energy management from companies including:

  • CapitalOne
  • City of Alexandria, VA
  • COX Enterprises
  • IBM
  • Skidmore Owings & Merrill
  • Wellborn Cabinet
  • Union Bank
  • US Dept. of Health & Human Services
  • USG Corporation

Deadline for submissions is August 19, 2015. The Early Bird submission date, with a discounted entry fee, is July 29, 2015.

Energy Manager Today’s sister publication, Environmental Leader, recently published its third annual special report showcasing winners of Environmental Leader Top Product of the Year and Top Project of the Year Awards. Download the report or visit the 2015 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards Hall of Fame.

Entry fees for the 2015 Energy Manager Today Awards are as follows:

  • Early Bird deadline: $597 for first entry, $547 for each additional entry.
  • Final deadline: $697 for first entry, $647 for each additional entry.


Environmental Leader Announces 2015 Product & Project Award Winners

FORT COLLINS, CO–(April 1, 2015) –Environmental Leader, the trusted source of objective news for corporate environmental, sustainability and energy professionals, today announced results of its Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards, a program recognizing excellence in products and projects that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits.

Environmental Leader is proud to shine the spotlight on the winners of the 2015 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. We had more entries than ever before across a wide variety of industries this year; competition was steep and our judges had their work cut out for them to narrow down the impressive field of entries and bring to you the best of the best.

Judging coordinator Paul Leavoy, EHS and Sustainability Analyst with LNS Research, found it “amazing and also encouraging to see how far businesses across the spectrum have come in terms of developing unique, progressive, and innovative products, service, projects, and solutions.” He added, “Businesses continue to emphasize the role of sustainability and environmental responsibility across their products and projects and to innovate accordingly, and this is a trend we expect will only expand throughout 2016 and into the next decade. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.”

The following companies were awarded Top Product & Project of the Year Awards. For a complete write-up of each of these winners, see the EL Product & Project Awards Hall of Fame or download the complete report here.

Top Product of the Year Awards:

  • Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Service Program
  • Assa Abloy EcoFlex Electrified Mortise Locks and EcoPower Power Supply System
  • Big Ass Fans Haiku with SenseME
  • BOMcheck Substances Declarations and Conflict Minerals Web Database
  • Caterpillar Cat HYDO Advanced Hydraulic Oil and Cat Proprietary Fluid Filters
  • Ciena 8700 Packetwave Platform
  • CODA Energy Core
  • CRedit360 Sustainability Software
  • Ecolab 3DTRASAR CIP
  • Enablon 7.5: The New Enablon Platform
  • EnergyCAP Software
  • Environ Environmental Compliance 4 Products
  • eTemp
  • FridgeWize Q-Blade
  • Green Charge Networks GreenStation Intelligent Energy Storage
  • GridPoint Energy Management System
  • JLL Green + Productive Workplace
  • Johnson & Johnson HARMONIC FOCUS+ Shears
  • KB Home Double ZeroHouse 2.0
  • NexRev DrivePak HVAC Efficiency Retrofit
  • Retroficiency Building Efficiency Intelligence Platform
  • Safety-Kleen EcoPower Re-Refined Oil
  • Spansion MB39C811 PMIC
  • Staples Canada and Terracycle Zero Waste Box
  • Steelcase THINK
  • Sustainable Minds Transparency Report Program
  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Enviromax
  • Verisae vx Sustain
  • Xeros Commercial Laundry System
  • Xerox Merge Parking Management System
  • Xerox Print Awareness Tool

Top Project of the Year Awards:

  • Bridgestone Tire Plant Achieves Global First for Resource Conservation in Manufacturing
  • Chicken of the Sea Comprehensive Waste Reduction Initiative
  • CODA Energy Benicia City Hall’s EV Charging Stations
  • Digital Lumens Dartmouth University Leverone Field House
  • Efficiency Matters at Arby’s
  • Enlighted University Lighting Sensor Platform Installation
  • General Motors Chevrolet Clean Energy Campaign
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Airborne Kitchen Grease Recovery Program
  • Jackson Family Wines Reduces Water Consumption with Custom Barrel Wash Recycling System
  • Provision Coalition Online Sustainability Portal
  • Schneider Electric Denison University FW Olin Science Hall HVAC and Digital Controls Renovation

Visit the Product & Project Awards Hall of Fame for links to the winning products and projects, as well as for a complete list of judges.